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Today, hardening is an important part of heat treatment. Hardness increasing is one of the objects of heat treatment besides strength, Wear Resistance, fatigue Resistance and etc.

Surface engineering is improving of surface properties with chemical composition changing or structure changing and or formation of layer with suitable properties. Goal of many diffusion and surface layers are hardness increasing besides other properties. So it's normal if all of the operations to hardness increasing and formation of a hard coating is called "Hardening". Hardening means in persian "Sakhtkari". So we are "Sakhtkari group" or GSCO.

GSCO, endowed with experienced investigations team and with assistance by metallurgy, mechanics and chemistry, has taken a step on technologies with no similar or parallel in country on the field of hardening and connected branches.

So,  Main activities of GSCO are more special and irrelevant to each other.

Our important activities are:


Nitriding & Arcor

Reverse Engineering

Salt Bath

Sodium Cyanide