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Arcor with other names, QPQ (Quench-Polish-Quench) and "Post Oxidation" is a way to passive surface to high corrosion resistance.

Nitriding of stainless steels causes to reduce resistance against corrosion. Arcor was introduced to come over it. After a while it was shown Arcor causes to make good for corrosion resistance not only, It  causes to high corrosion resistance besides wear resistance and hardness. So Arcor with a shining dark black in short time is developed in many industrial applications like as mineral industry, oil extraction equipments, military parts, marine industry, power generating industry and aerospace industry.

A famous usage of Arcor is Gas Spring: a black shaft in Gas Spring into most cars trunks.
Consequently, when wear resistance and corrosion resistance besides decorative outlook are needed; Arcor is the best.


Arcor Characteristics
* Increase simultaneously corrosion resistance with
    Nitriding properties
 * Increase corrosion resistance more times as hard chrome
 * Possible for all steels and iron types especially
    stainless steels
 * A shining decorative black color