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Titanium Nitride (TiN) with gold color is most common coatings in this field and it is used in industrial applications such as:


Molds and Tools

TiN has an excellent effect on molds and dies Such as:
•    Life Time Increasing
•    Stick Reduction between mold and material
•    Lubricant Usage Reduction
•    Better Quality Parts

Mold Kinds
A TiN layer on the surface of these molds increase life time like:
 * Punching and drilling
 * Pressing and forming
 * Deep drawing
 * Extrusion Dies
 * Forging
 * Die Casting
 * Plastic moulds


TiN cause to increase life time of:
cutting tools like blades, slitters, knives and etc.
machining tools like drills, broaches, inserts, hobs, gearing tools and etc.



•    Various, beauty and stable Color
•    Gold color, good adhesion and wear resistant
•    Excellent corrosion resistance
•    Various substrate like: glass, stone, ceramic, metal, plastic, ...
•    Various color like: gold, Dark violet, pale yellow, silver, gray and black

Decorative Applications
 * Bath and Toilet accessories
 * Taps and Faucet
 * Tiles and Ceramics
 * Luxury Accessories
 * Knobs, Handles and Locks
 * Kitchen Accessories
 * Other Applications   such as   cell phone, watches, jewelry, weapons components, statuary, sport equipments and etc.



Industrial Applications

•    Automobile Parts
•    Aerospace Components
•    Marine and Ship Hardware
•    Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry
•    High Round Equipments
•    Hydraulic and Pneumatic Parts
•    Turbines and Compressors
•    Various color like: gold, Dark violet, pale yellow, silver, gray and black

Sample Parts
Injector, Rotor, Ball Valve, impeller, Blade, Housing, Shaft, Ring Piston, Seat, Gate, Bearing, Mechanical seal, Valve, Gear and etc.



Other Applications

•    Medical, Surgical and Dental Devices
•    Dental Implants
•    Chemical Factory Equipments
•    Agriculture Machines
•    Weaving Parts
•    Pharmaceutical  and Food Processing Equipments