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Nitriding is a way to influence Nitrogen into steels surfaces so the hardness is increased.

If it's accompanied by Carbon is called Nitrocarburizing. Please notice to following items about Nitriding in constitution of Nitriding&Arcor part:
 * Possible for all kind of Steels, Iron and Cast iron
 * Suitable replacing for hard chrome
 * Increase in hardness, wear resistance and fatigue resistance
 * Removal of deforming, distorting and cracks 
 * No need to machining and grinding after hardening
 * Maximum adhesion between layer and substrate because  
     of defusing process
 * Decrease in sticking between mold and material
 * Preserve hardness and wear resistance even at high temperatures
 * Excellent for Plastic mold and Screw injection molding
 * Increase in Die cast, Extrusion and Forge molds
 * Very good for Stainless Steels
 * Excellent for plastic mold and screw injection molding
 * Suitable for lubricant systems (Anti gearing)